Rugged Tactical: Why I love my AR-15. The ultimate coyote gun.

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Rugged tactical is all about people sharing why they like their guns and what makes them unique and rugged.

My Gun

I have a Rock River Arms Ar-15 .223 semi automatic rifle. There are many reasons why I love and enjoy this gun. The primary reason is that I view it as the ultimate coyote hunting gun. It has the Pork e-Hide anodized camouflage finish, extra large trigger guard for cold weather hunting (able to use it with gloves), it is an awesome caliber and I can use a 20 or 30 round clip.  The clip makes it possible for me to hunt with just that. I used to hunt with my .270 and would carry extra shells in my pocket.  The shells would jingle as I walk. Not very stealthy.  With a clip, everything is contained and I’m good to go.  It is very unlikely that I would need more than 20 rounds in a 20 minute morning hunt. If I did, then I would need to hit the range to check my sights.


This gun features a two-stage trigger, floating barrel, Tactical Muzzle Break and has a 3/4 MOA accuracy.  It is comfortable to shoot. I love how it feels.  Just talking about this gun is giving me the itch to go shooting.  So much fun!

Conversion Kit

One of the best things about my gun is a conversion kit that I bought that allows me to shoot .22 caliber bullets out of it. Shooting 22 shells is a lot more economical than the 223. That way I can shoot the gun I love without breaking the bank.  Plinking is always a blast.

The following video shows how easy it is to use the conversion kit.

Specifications are as follows:
-Manufacturer: Rock River Arms
-Caliber: 223 Remington/5.56 NATO
-Category: Tactical Rifle
-Trigger: Two Stage
-Action: Semi-Automatic
-Barrel Length: 16 inch, floating barrel
-Finish: Pork-eHide anodized finish
-Purchased at Impact Guns in Ogden UT. See their website at

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