About Rugged Tactical

Welcome to Rugged Tactical, the online showcase for guns.  

The intent of this website is to connect gun enthusiast from all walks of life to each other. . . from vendors, professionals, amateurs, designers, manufacturers to the novice.

We want to see wicked awesome guns!

If you have a gun that you want to show off weather it be a gun made from scratch or just bought complete straight out of the box, we want to see it. If you are a manufacturer who wants to advertise your latest and greatest, we want to see it.

Follow the instructions on the site on how to make a post and share.  Please include specifications, photos, links to vendors, etc.  We want to see and learn about your gun. The hopes of sharing is to help others receive inspiration on how to customize their own gun and know where to buy.

If you have custom parts, share a link to the vendor where you bought them.  If you’ve had your gun hydro dipped or a cerakote put on? Share a photo and review on who did the artwork.

WE WANT TO SEE IT ALL . . .  to provide inspiration for all.

Here at Rugged Tactical we want to see what makes your gun Rugged and Unique.